Alexander Mendoza

Junior Associate


Alexander Mendoza serves as a Junior Associate at Marvilla García Valdez, where he contributes his expertise in legal matters. Additionally, he holds the position of President at the Peruvian Proconsumer Association, showcasing his commitment to consumer rights. As a Legal Advisor at Alma.OIDDH, he provides specialized legal counsel. He also works as the Head of Practices at César Vallejo University and has professional experience as a Legal Professional at Indecopi, gaining diverse legal insights.


Alexander Mendoza has earned a Master’s in Education with a focus on Theories and Educational Management from the University of Piura. He is a graduate lawyer from César Vallejo University, specializing in Business Law.


Alexander Mendoza has contributed to legal analysis with his publication on «Legal analysis of the grounds for the exclusion of a partner due to personal conditions in the Statute of Capital Companies.» This work reflects his dedication to legal research and his interest in issues related to corporate law.