We specialize in providing legal advice and representation in procedures related to the protection of copyright and related rights. Our focus is on protecting and safeguarding the intellectual property rights of our clients.


NULLITY OF REGISTRATION OF UNAUTHORIZED REGISTERED WORKS: We offer legal advice and representation to challenge the registration of works that have been registered without the proper authorization of the copyright holder, ensuring the protection of your rights.

REPORTING COPYRIGHT AND RELATED RIGHTS INFRINGEMENT: We represent copyright holders in reporting cases of infringement, ensuring that your rights are respected and upheld.


LICENSE AGREEMENTS DRAFTING: We draft license agreements that allow third parties to use your works under certain agreed-upon conditions and restrictions, guaranteeing your copyright.

ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENTS DRAFTING: We assist in drafting copyright assignment agreements, allowing third parties to acquire those rights legally and by agreement.


REGISTRATION OF LITERARY WORKS: We assist in the registration process of literary works, such as books, novels, poems, and other creative texts, to ensure the protection of your creations.

REGISTRATION OF ARTISTIC WORKS: We facilitate the registration of artistic works, including paintings, sculptures, illustrations, and other visual expressions, ensuring their legal protection.

REGISTRATION OF AUDIOVISUAL WORKS: We advise you on the registration of audiovisual works, such as documentaries, short films, and other multimedia content, protecting your rights as a creator.

REGISTRATION OF FILM WORKS: We manage the registration of film works, including feature films and movies, to protect your rights and intellectual property.

SOFTWARE REGISTRATION: We assist in registering software programs and mobile applications, protecting your rights in the technological and digital realm.

BORDER MEASURES: We implement legal strategies to protect your copyright at the borders, preventing unauthorized importation or exportation of products that infringe your intellectual property rights.


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