Domain Name Registration in Peru

Domain name registration in Peru is essential for establishing a company’s digital presence in the global e-commerce landscape. This process involves obtaining a unique web address that represents the company’s identity on the internet, and can be done through the Peruvian Scientific Network for and .pe domains.

To resolve conflicts related to domain names in Peru, recourse is made to the Peruvian CYBERTRIBUNAL. This specialized body for resolving digital disputes and controversies promotes conciliation and arbitration as means to settle disputes, and possesses the necessary expertise in information technology law. Accredited by the Ministry of Justice, it is also recognized as a Center for Resolving Disputes between domain names and trademarks by the administrator of the ccTLD.PE.

Our services include:

  • Domain Name Registration in Peru.
  • Representation before the CYBERTRIBUNAL in cases of conflicts between domain names and trademarks.
  • Annual renewal of registration, with the option for indefinite renewal.
  • Comprehensive advisory throughout the process.


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