Eduardo Alejos, LL.M.

Senior Associate in Intellectual Property Crimes


Eduardo Alejos is a Senior Associate specialized in Intellectual Property Crimes at Marvilla García Valdez Abogados, and he also serves as the Executive Director at LP – Passion for Law. Previously, he worked as an Associate Lawyer at the Institute of Procedural Criminal Science INCIPP.


Eduardo Alejos holds a Master’s degree with honors in Criminal Sciences from the National University of San Marcos. He is a graduate of César Vallejo University, where he obtained his degree in Law with a specialization in Criminal Law.


Eduardo Alejos has made significant contributions to the field of criminal law through his writings. Among his most notable works are «The Rational Assessment of Criminal Evidence,» where he analyzes the complex task of evaluating evidence within the criminal process; «Preventive Detention: Current Problematic Aspects,» which addresses controversial issues surrounding this precautionary measure; and «Probative Reasoning in Criminal Law in the Third Millennium,» where he examines contemporary trends and challenges in probative reasoning in the criminal field. These publications reflect his commitment to research and critical analysis in criminal law, offering valuable perspectives for academics, legal professionals, and students interested in the subject.