Hans Huerta, LL.M.

Senior Associate in Corporate Law


Hans Huerta is a Senior Associate at Marvilla García Valdez, Advisor to the General Secretariat of the Supreme Court of Justice, and Legal Chief of the Military Circle Association of Peru. He has a consolidated career in the legal field, excelling in roles of responsibility and leadership in various institutions.


Hans Huerta is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Law at the National University of Rosario, Argentina. Additionally, he holds a second specialization in Constitutional Law and Procedural Constitutional Law, a Master’s degree in Public Management awarded by the César Vallejo University, and is also a Law graduate from César Vallejo University, with a specialization in Business Law.


In the field of publications, Hans Huerta has contributed relevant texts addressing topics of interest in the legal and public management realms. Among his publications are «Managerial Skills, Decision Making, and Management of Educational Institutions at UGEL 07» and «Towards a Financial User Protection System: New Challenges and Perspectives in Consumer Law from a Prevention Theory Approach».