Jonathan García, LL.M.

Partner & Director of the IP Department

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Jonathan Garcia, LL.M., plays a prominent role as a partner at Marvilla García Valdez Abogados, where he also leads the Intellectual Property Department. His experience extends beyond private practice, as he shares his knowledge as a professor of Intellectual Property Law at the Universidad Tecnológica del Perú and the Universidad Privada del Norte. Additionally, he served as an adjunct professor at the Universidad Científica del Sur and currently holds the position of Director of Research at the Peruvian Proconsumer Association. His professional background includes a significant role at Indecopi, where he has contributed as a Legal Professional.


With a solid educational foundation, Jonathan earned a Master’s degree in Economics and Consumer Law from the Universidad Castilla-La Mancha in Spain. His continuous education includes a Master’s degree in Business Law from the Neumann Graduate School in Peru. He is a Lawyer graduated from the Universidad Continental, with a specialization in Business Law. Additionally, he has completed various postgraduate diplomas in key areas such as Competition Law and Intellectual Property, Market Law, People Management, and Research Methodology, all offered by the Neumann Graduate School.


Jonathan’s academic and professional commitment is reflected in his numerous publications. Some of his works include «Notes on the types of trademarks: by their notoriety», «Need to regulate renowned trademarks in Peru», «The need to regulate non-traditional trademarks in Peru», «Digital analytics as evidentiary means in cancellation procedures», and collaborations such as «Consumer justice» in the book «Consumer Protection», co-authored with Pilar Ramirez, and «Classification of trademarks» in the same book co-authored with Fabricio Marvilla and Pilar Ramirez. Jonathan Garcia, with his profound knowledge in Intellectual Property, stands out as a relevant figure in the legal and academic fields.