Julio Santiago Solís

Senior Associate


Julio Santiago serves as a Senior Associate in Contracts at Marvilla García Valdez, bringing extensive experience in negotiating and drafting contracts to ensure the protection of clients’ interests. Additionally, Julio Santiago works as a Professor of Civil Law at both the Universidad Privada del Norte and the Universidad César Vallejo, where he shares his knowledge and experience with future legal professionals. His dedication extends to teaching Roman Law at the prestigious Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Julio also works as an Associate at Melgarje Abogados, where he honed his legal skills and contributed to various legal matters.


Julio Santiago holds a Master’s degree in Civil and Commercial Law from the prestigious Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, where he deepened his understanding of the complexities of civil and commercial legal frameworks. He earned his law degree from the San Juan Bautista Private University, specializing in Civil Law, laying the foundation for a successful legal career.


In his publications, Julio Santiago addresses a variety of legal topics, ranging from the relationship between the pandemic and Roman law to issues of sports law and notarial law. His writings demonstrate his commitment to advancing legal knowledge in different areas of legal practice.