Marco Gastelo Medina

Senior Associate in Business Negotiation


Marco Gastelo is a Senior Associate at Marvilla García Valdez, specializing in business negotiation. He also serves as an Extrajudicial Conciliator at MINJUS and is an authorized insurance broker by the SBS. Additionally, he works as a Professor of Extrajudicial Conciliation.


Marco Gastelo holds a Master’s degree in Government and Public Management in Latin America. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Lima, specializing in business negotiation.


Marco Gastelo’s publications, particularly his work «The real estate consumer in Peru» published in the Revista del Foro, highlight his dedication to investigating and analyzing issues relevant to the legal and business fields. This article addresses crucial aspects concerning the rights and responsibilities of consumers in real estate transactions in Peru, providing detailed analysis and practical recommendations for legal professionals, real estate agents, developers, and consumers interested in better understanding the legal framework and dynamics of the real estate market in the country.