Martin Zapata

Senior Associate in Corporate Law


Martín Zapata is a Senior Associate specializing in Corporate Law at Marvilla García Valdez Abogados, with over 10 years of experience in private companies and law firms. He has held prominent roles such as Senior Lawyer at ADECCO CONSULTING S.A, Corporate Associate Lawyer at Estudio Yataco Arias Abogados, and Corporate Lawyer at Carrera, Pinatte & Baca-Álvarez Abogados Ag. Additionally, he has collaborated with Altgar IP | Altamirano & Garcia Abogados and the Caja Municipal De Crédito Popular De Lima.


Martín Zapata is a Lawyer graduated from the Universidad San Martín De Porres and has furthered his academic training through various educational programs at recognized institutions. Currently, he is pursuing a Diploma in Consumer Protection at the Universidad Continental. In the past, he completed a Specialized Diploma in Labor Legislation, Occupational Health and Safety, and Labor Inspection at the Peruvian Center for Government Studies. He also participated in a course on Logical and Critical Thinking offered by the University of Auckland. Additionally, he obtained a Diploma in Corporate Law from the Higher School of Law, Business, and Enterprise – ESDEN, and attended the VII Legal Practice Workshop on Corporate and Economic Law at the School of High Legal Studies – EGACAL.


In the field of publications, Martín Zapata has contributed a case titled «Plaza Vea Case: When Suppliers Refuse to Deliver Products Purchased Due to Their Pricing Errors» to the Editorial IUS 360.