Legal Services for Red Tape Elimination in Peru

At Marvilla García Valdez, we specialize in providing legal services aimed at eliminating red tape in Peru, specifically before the Commission for the Elimination of Red Tape (CEB) and the Specialized Chamber for the Elimination of Red Tape, both under Indecopi.

Our mission is to represent and defend the interests of our clients before these specialized bodies, ensuring the effective removal of any administrative barriers that hinder the exercise of their fundamental rights and the completion of business or citizen procedures.

The services we offer before the CEB and the Specialized Chamber for the Elimination of Red Tape include:

  • Legal Representation: We act as legal representatives of our clients in proceedings before the CEB and the Specialized Chamber, providing comprehensive legal advice from the filing of the complaint to the final resolution of the case.
  • Filing Complaints: We prepare and submit well-founded complaints to the CEB and the Specialized Chamber, identifying specific red tape barriers affecting our clients and requesting their removal or modification.
  • Process Monitoring and Management: We continuously monitor administrative processes before these bodies, efficiently managing the processing of complaints and ensuring compliance with established deadlines.
  • Preventive Advice: In addition to providing litigation representation, we offer preventive advice to help our clients identify and avoid potential red tape barriers in their administrative procedures, promoting a culture of regulatory compliance and administrative efficiency.

In our commitment to promoting a favorable business and citizen environment in Peru, we strive to offer effective legal solutions that contribute to the elimination of red tape and the economic and social development of the country.


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