We offer specialized services in corporate criminal law, providing legal representation, advice, and consultancy in cases related to corporate crimes. Our focus is on defending the interests of our clients in situations involving potential criminal implications in the corporate sphere.

Among our highlighted services are:

  • Legal representation in investigations and criminal proceedings related to corporate crimes, such as fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, among others.
  • Preventive advice for companies to avoid situations that may lead to criminal implications, through the design and implementation of internal compliance policies and procedures.
  • Development of legal strategies to defend the rights of our clients in case of facing criminal charges.
  • Legal assistance in conciliation and mediation procedures, seeking to reach agreements that avoid prolonged and costly litigation.
  • Legal risk assessment in business operations, identifying potential areas of vulnerability and proposing preventive solutions.


At Marvilla García Valdez, we are committed to protecting and defending the legal interests of our clients in corporate criminal law, providing comprehensive and high-quality service to address the legal challenges that may arise in the course of their business activities.


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