We specialize in providing legal advice and representation in procedures related to invention patents, utility model patents, and industrial designs.


Our focus is on protecting and safeguarding the intellectual property rights of our clients.

Feasibility Report: We conduct thorough feasibility analyses of inventions and utility models, evaluating their viability and legal protection.

Invention Patent Registration: We specialize in managing and registering invention patents, ensuring strong legal protection for your innovations.

Utility Model Registration: We handle the management and registration of utility models, ensuring strong legal protection for your practical and functional innovations.

Industrial Design Registration: We provide assistance in registering industrial designs, guaranteeing the protection of the aesthetic and functional aspects of your creations.

Annual Monitoring: We offer annual monitoring and renewal services for your patents and industrial designs, ensuring that your rights remain valid.

PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty): We offer advice and management within the framework of the PCT, facilitating the international protection process for your corresponding inventions.



We represent our clients in procedures before the Directorate of Inventions and New Technologies, the Commission of Inventions and New Technologies, and the Intellectual Property Tribunal of the National Institute for Competition and Intellectual Property Protection (Indecopi).

Opposition and nullity of registrations: We handle oppositions to invention or utility model applications and conduct nullity proceedings for patents or utility model registrations to protect your interests.

Infringement of industrial property: We provide advice and legal representation in cases of infringement of industrial property, ensuring the defense of your rights and the application of corresponding legal measures.


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